Awesome weekend - 14 March 2022

I was originally looking for a contact for a sightseeing flight for my family for the weekend. It turned out very interesting :)

Coincidentally, I found the opportunity to test a flight with an L-29 jet fighter. During the flight, it is possible to experience zero gravity, so it was decided. I have been thinking about it for several years and when I found such a possibility, I did not hesitate for a moment.

During the flight I experienced g-force (+ 6.6g), zero gravity for a few seconds, various acrobatic maneuvers.

Experience par excellence.

A few moments from the flight - video The weather was excellent - the sky was completely clear. I spent both nights observing the asteroidal occultations. I made a total of 20 observations, of which 3 were positive (Ohio, Walkure and 2001 PP47).

On Sunday afternoon, my family and I tried out a small plane with a sightseeing flight.

I slept as a small child on Sunday evening. Tired, excited, full of adrenaline and maximally satisfied.


Maverick from TOP GUN is back!

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Uz len :)

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Už len príhlásiť sa na let do kozmu.

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