Globular cluster M13 - 21 April 2009

Globular cluster M13 in constellation Hercules is also called Great Globular Cluster. And this is right description, for it is amazing. I managed to take a picture of it by silicon eye of CCD camera STL 11000M wth 60cm Newton.

High density of stars, several thousands stars is a spherical collection – this can be formal definition of globular cluster. But only one sight on it is worth thousands words. And observing with big telescope is excellent experience. You can stare at it, from the left to the right, from the top to the bottom and you will not able to count stars. And cluster M13 is huge and absolutely astonishing.
M13 (also known as NGC 6205) was discovered by E. Halley in 1714. The distance from the Earth is about 25, 000 light years and its light (5.8 magnitude ) can be recognized by naked eye.
Picture below was carried out at Mr. Murin’s private observatory. I thank to him for his permission to use his equipment.

Technical information:
Optics:Newton 610/3000
Exposure:RGB 5:5:5min
Date & time:21 April 2009 at 1:15 UTC
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Oravska Lesna
Atmosphere:clear sky
Software:DSS + Photoshop
Camera:SBIG STL 11000M

And detail of the central part.


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